International Travel Can Be Fun & Exciting...
But Are You at Risk for Travel Diseases?

You're ready for your trip overseas. You certainly have your passport and airline tickets. But are you really ready? Did you prepare yourself for malaria or rabies? Polio or measles? What about Japanese encephalitis or meningitis? Yellow fever? Hepatitis A or B? Tetanus, diphtheria or typhoid? No one wants to bring back such unwanted maladies as souvenirs.

Most people hardly realize the risks of contracting them, let alone understand what these diseases could do to the human body. They are deadly serious. Japanese encephalitis is caused by a mosquito-borne virus that results in a severe inflammation of the brain. Yellow fever is another mosquito-borne virus that often comes with a very grave prognosis that results in chills, fever, head pains, jaundice, vomiting, bleeding from mucous membranes, and can result in death from exhaustion or uremia. The mortality rate is a full five percent of the population who lives where the virus is endemic. Unsanitary living conditions spread other grave bacterial diseases like an acute case of meningitis, characterized by spinal cord and brain swelling, which can result in the following symptoms: fever, loss of appetite, constipation, intense headache, intolerance to light and sound, contracted pupils, delirium, retraction of head, convulsions, and coma.

You can't slap every mosquito in time. It's better to get stuck by us before you go.

Our mission is to provide quality service for travelers by providing immunizations, travel safety education, and comprehensive professional advice tailored for your trip and individual needs.

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